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I have added pictures from the November 2016 issue of SELF Magazine which Shay covers, as well as pictures from the photoshoot. Shay looks amazing in all these!! You can read the interview at SELF Magazine’s website, here.


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Back in September, the 29th to be exact, Shay attended Virginia Black’s Summer Sixteen Party. I haver only found one image from the event, it’s been added to the gallery. Click the thumb below to view it.

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Hello, my name is Mette and I have just adopted Shay Mitchell Online from my friend Vicki (Thank you V!!). I am so excited to take over and update you with all the latest on the amazing Shay.

So onto the Shay update…She recently was featured in a PatrickStarrr video with a Fall Makeup Tutorial. You can watch it below!

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I have added another new photoshoot.

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You don’t need diamonds to shine bright, but a little sparkle certainly doesn’t hurt! Which is exactly what Shay Mitchell had in mind for her first — and very personal — BaubleBar collection.

“When my mom would get ready for work, she had so much [jewelry] that I’d just play around,” the Pretty Little Liars actress, 29, tells Us Weekly. “As I got older, looking at my grandmother’s collection that was passed down was so special. When you wear a piece like that, it adds to the story of your look.”

Those trinkets inspired the 26 styles she created as Guest Bartender; the capsule launches September 12 at baublebar.com. But when making the lineup — which includes a rhinestone-studded bib, gold bangles and bling with natural stones — she didn’t just think of her own tastes. “I took into consideration every type of person and designed a piece for everybody,” she says. “If this were just a collection for me, everything would have crystals on it!”

Then again, who doesn’t believe that more is more? “We all want a little more glitz in our lives,” the Amore & Vita blogger tells Us. “So why not just throw on a diamond choker with your everyday T-shirt and head off to the grocery store?”

We couldn’t agree more! See exclusive photos of Mitchell’s BaubleBar collection in Us Weekly‘s fall fashion special, on newsstands.


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I have added HD screencaps from the mid seaon finale.

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They’ve got a secret — but they won’t keep it for much longer.

The ABC teen drama, “Pretty Little Liars,” will finally reveal the identity behind villain, ‘ Uber A,’ and wrap up the long-running dark show in 2017.

“The next ten episodes of the show really are going to be the last ten episodes of the series,” show creator, Marlene King, announced via Facebook Live on Monday.

“It’s been such an amazing chapter of our lives and we’re so glad that you guys could share it with us, but all good things must come to an end and these last 10 episodes are pretty crazy,” actress Lucy Hale added.

As for the many mysteries of the show that have long plagued viewers, King promised answers will be given.

“Everybody worked really hard — from the writers, to the cast and the crew — to make sure these last 10 episodes, every one sort of tops the other. And we’ll still say it’s the biggest, most romantic, most twisty turvy. . . I can’t think of one question we don’t answer,” she said.

The series is already on season seven and will air its mid-season finale on Tuesday. Viewers will then have 10 episodes to say goodbye to Rosewood and their favorite liars. The grand two-hour finale is slated to air sometime next April.

The show’s conclusion will be followed by the premieres of King’s new show, “Famous in Love,” starring Bella Thorne.

“Pretty Little Liars” premiered in June 2010 and became an instant hit for ABC family viewers, catapulting Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell into stardom.

Mitchell quickly took to Instagram on Monday to commemorate the “bittersweet day.”


I have added screencaps from episode 9.

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I have added HD screencaps from episode 8.

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Shay Mitchell is definitely a girl after our own hearts. We’ve pretty much known this ever since we first caught her on PLLespecially after she told us that one of her goals in playing her character, Emily, is to break stereotypes around the portrayal of LGBTQ characters. What clinched our undying adoration was her nonstop series of winning beauty moments. From her amazingly realistic blonde wig to her creation of the stealth lob, Shay has shown us time and time again that she’s a glam genius.

Most recently, we confirmed this for ourselves when we caught up with the actress and Biore ambassador to celebrate the launch of the brand’s Animal Print Pore Strips. We took the interview as a golden opportunity to soak up her extensive beauty wisdom, from skincare faves to strand savers. Read on for the highlights!

Product Picks

Shay’s go-to destination for discovering new product? Totally not what you’d expect. “I have a lot of makeup from the drugstore,” she says. “It’s my favorite place to shop, and I could do my entire face with drugstore makeup. I love the CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara and Vaseline for a bunch of different things, like as a cuticle treatment and balm.” The two exceptions to her budget rule: “I’ll sometimes take a trip to Sephora to splurge on face oil and perfume.”

That’s one thing we know she doesn’t have in common with Emily. “I think her beauty routine would be five minutes or less,” she laughs. “She has her products she likes and that’s it. That’s not me at all – I like to try a bunch of different things!” It’s an endearing trait her PLL castmates are familiar with by now. “I think all the girls know that if they have a beauty-related question, they come to me,” she confirms. “I really love that we’re always giving each other advice. It’s less products for me, though, and more like where to get a massage or where to get hair color done.”

Routine Regulars

Thanks to her constant experimentation, Shay is now well acquainted with what works for her and what doesn’t. “It’s important to moisturize,” she notes. “You should find products that get along with your skin. Always take off your makeup at night, and wash your face in the morning!” Beyond the basics, she relies on coconut oil after she gets out of the shower and a strip once every two weeks “to get all the dirt and oil out,” allowing her to start with a clean canvas once she moves on to makeup.

As for things that don’t work, there’s one trend that she can’t copy. “Those little freckle tattoos!” she exclaims. “I have natural ones, so I wouldn’t necessarily try them on myself, but I love how it looks when people do them! They’re so cute.”

Sundown Status

As Shay points out, Emily’s nighttime routine tends toward the minimal. Shay – on the other hand – is a seasoned pro at PM glam. “I like doing a hair treatment once a week, because I’m always on set, and it can really get damaged fast,” she shares. “I like leaving in a treatment for about an hour while I take a bath.”

If it’s a bi-weekly pore strip night, she’ll add one of those as well. And FYI, we found out that one of the new designs is a (totally unintentional) nod to one of Shay’s spirit animals. “The first is a bottlenose dolphin,” she explains. “I’m just so fascinated by them, and they’ve always been my favorite animal. And another one would be a cheetah – they actually have that print on the pore strip!” As coincidences go, this one’s pretty wild.